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Management Consulting and Advisory Services

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Tetra Tech helps companies and institutions develop transformative business strategy solutions and improve operational performance to address their most complex challenges and exceed their goals.

Tetra Tech develops and delivers innovative management consulting solutions that strengthen institutions and create lasting organizational change across sectors including international development, energy, water management, and sustainability.

Using our Leading with Science® approach, our management consultants help our clients’ bottom line by equipping people and organizations to sustain performance for years to come.

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Organizational Development

Tetra Tech is recognized as an industry leader in organizational development. Our innovative Organizational Self-Assessment and Transformation Program (OSTP) model is effective in empowering organizations to build their own capacity. This agile approach can be tailored to each client’s desired outcomes and is one of the most sustainable methods to organizational development in the world.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tetra Tech addresses global challenges through innovation and entrepreneurship. Leveraging our own culture of innovation, Tetra Tech teams work with innovators and entrepreneurs to maximize the impact of a fledgling organization or idea. We assist organizations to develop incubator and accelerator programs to move their product to market. We also provide commercialization and scaling advisory services to help innovative businesses grow.

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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Consulting

Tetra Tech helps clients develop robust, flexible ESG programs to support successful program governance, operations, and continual improvement. Tetra Tech provides technical consulting and implementation services to help our clients leverage the data and systems they currently have, develop solutions to streamline workflows, optimize asset performance, and automate reporting requirements.

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Construction Risk Management

Tetra Tech provides lenders, owners, and developers with a comprehensive, focused program to mitigate the risks associated with construction projects. We customize our construction risk management services to fit the needs of our diverse public and private sector clients and their varied and challenging projects. Tetra Tech’s clients rely on our high standards and excellent delivery to support even the most complex construction project and loan requirements. Tetra Tech’s proprietary Client Web Portal supports efficient and secure project communications.

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Training and Leadership

Tetra Tech recognizes that people are the most critical resource for success. Our training and leadership programs develop talent-first organizations and equip leaders with transformative mindsets and capabilities. We develop customized training programs for our clients that provide foundational management and leadership skills necessary to drive organizational change. Our training programs enhance capabilities in critical areas such as strategy, problem solving, communication, and team management.

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